1. The Importance of Load Tracking

    As technology has advanced, it has completely transformed the trucking industry. Not too long ago, the location of your load was basically a mystery. Of course, check calls were vital to tracking the truck, but this could only happen so often. Knowing where a carrier is is beneficial to all of those involved and makes the entire process efficient. It also lets the broker immediately find a solutio…Read More

  2. Helping Your Trucking Company Grow

    If you’re in the trucking industry, you know just how competitive it can be. There are a lot of companies vying for the same customers, and for small to medium-sized trucking companies, it takes a lot of work to keep up with the large businesses. With larger fleets, the behemoths in the industry are able to offer more aggressive pricing, get more attention from potential customers, hire drivers …Read More

  3. Ways to Cut Your Fuel Costs

    In the trucking industry, it is always necessary to try and save your pennies in any way that you can. Lost time or poor management adds up, and if you want to run a profitable trucking business, making routine mistakes that cost money won’t help your company grow. Typically, the top three costs are spent on wages for the drivers, necessary equipment, and, of course, fuel. Happy drivers are crit…Read More

  4. Choosing the Right Freight Broker Software

    Through the emergence of custom transportation software, the industry is nothing like it used to be. Long gone are the days of keeping track of everything through paper and pen (which would consistently result in human error and a lot of headaches) or wondering where your loads may be and if they’ve been delivered. These days, through freight broker software, the day to day tasks and record keep…Read More

  5. Common Mistakes Made by Freight Brokers

    There are a lot of components that go into operating a freight broker company. From connecting shippers with carriers, ensuring the cargo gets to its correct destination on time, keeping in frequent contact with customers, and, of course, the bookkeeping. It can be a daunting amount of tasks to keep track of, and even with acute attention to detail, mistakes will happen from time to time. In this …Read More

  6. Benefits of Transportation Software

    For years, small and medium-sized trucking companies and freight brokers have relied on manually entering data such as payroll, fuel tax, invoicing, and the like. Yet, as the industry continues to advance, this method is progressively fading out, especially among the larger companies. In order to stay up with the competition and keep pace with the progress of the trucking industry, advanced transp…Read More

  7. Welcome to Strategy Systems

    Not too long ago in the trucking industry, everything from billing, dispatch, driver logs, payroll, and the like were tracked and recorded with paper and pen. With so many records involved, the amount of paperwork was staggering. This method might have worked, but it created countless headaches for those searching for a specific document as well as had a direct impact on efficiency for trucking co…Read More

  8. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new site for Strategy Systems!  We're excited to offer you software to make your jobs easier; stay tuned for updates.…Read More