There are a lot of components that go into operating a freight broker company. From connecting shippers with carriers, ensuring the cargo gets to its correct destination on time, keeping in frequent contact with customers, and, of course, the bookkeeping. It can be a daunting amount of tasks to keep track of, and even with acute attention to detail, mistakes will happen from time to time. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few of the most common, yet easily avoidable, blunders occur in the freight broker industry.

Here at Strategy Systems, our goal was to develop a custom software solution for trucking companies and freight brokers to help them avoid the following mistakes, keep all of your information organized and easily acceptable, and enhance the efficiency of your small to midsize company. If you want more information about our web-based Strategy Live trucking and freight broker software, or would like to try out a free demo, then don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Poor Communication with Customers

The transportation industry is highly competitive, and if your customers are not happy with the way that your company operates, then you can rest assured that you will lose their business. In order to be successful, your customers need to trust you and your ability to match goods being transported to the appropriate carriers and shippers. To go even further, they need reliable communication with you so that they are always kept up-to-date, and that your business with them is not overlooked, or worse, completely ignored.

Through our innovative transportation management system, you’ll have all of the data that you need readily available whenever you need, for all of your customers. This means that you’ll be able to access details on your interactions and transactions in a matter of seconds. You also will not have to rely on memory or an unqualified employee for the information that you require. Our freight broker software is web-based and incredibly user-friendly. Your customers will be amazed at your ability to provide them with specific details, and you can count on the information to always be there for you.

Not Paying Attention to Details

Success is in the details in the freight brokerage industry, not only for your customers but for the livelihood of your business as well. One mistake or error could cost you some serious money and also the trust of your customers. Obviously, not good for business. It is pretty incredible to think that not too long ago, truckers relied on their piles of assorted scribblings and information scattered into different filing cabinet drawers. Don’t worry! Through Strategy Live freight broker software, you don’t have to worry about your chicken scratch notes. When using our software, you can keep track of the carrier, customer, pickup, and delivery information on the broker board, add and edit carrier payments and adjustments on the load information pay tab, check in on all delivered loads that haven’t been billed, and so much more!

Missing Payments

There are two types of missing payments that can affect your freight broker company. Payments that customers owe to you as well as payments that you owe to drivers and carriers. While obviously it is bad for business to not receive money that is owed to you, you’ll lose business by forgetting to make payments too. Relationships are so important in the transportation industry and if you have a reputation of forgetting to pay your drivers or carriers, then it’s not likely that anyone is going to be chomping at the bit to work with you. Strategy Live will make sure that no payments are overlooked or just plain forgotten so that this common mistake will never arise.

Not Evolving with the Industry

Technology keeps advancing, and with it, so does the transportation industry. Long gone are the days of having your head on a swivel trying to keep track of all the necessary billing information, where the shipments may be, staying up with payments, and the countless other tasks that are so important to running a successful freight broker company. With our user-friendly web-based freight broker software, you can stop worrying about the millions of little details and focus on what matters, running your business. Become the best company you can be and contact us today for more information on our comprehensive, custom software for freight brokers.