As we all know, the freight brokerage industry is a competitive one. You have multiple other firms vying for carriers and freight, so you need your company to stand out from your competitors in order to run a profitable and successful company. There are a lot of factors in this industry and a lot of tasks to take care of. Strategy Systems can help.

We offer web-based and user-friendly freight broker software that takes a lot of the headaches away from your job. Such day-to-day tasks such as load entry, editing carrier payments, keeping track of billing, and so much more. So utilizing our transportation software is a great start to success! If you would like to learn more about our freight broker software solutions, or would like to give it a shot and want to try our free demo, then go ahead and contact us today! Now let’s delve into some tips to help your business prosper.


Strategizing is absolutely necessary for running a fruitful business. You’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t plan out the future and the way in which you’re going to conduct business. There are a ton of steps that you are going to need to perform and without having creative strategies for getting the job done efficiently, you’re doomed right from the start. Being a freight broker requires multiple tasks being handled, so make sure that you take a significant amount of time planning and strategizing your operations.

Get Your Name Out There

You’re not going to get much business if no one has heard about you. It’s important to get your name out there so that when companies are looking for a freight broker, your company comes to mind. Marketing is huge for your success. Small giveaways are known to make a big impact. And make sure, if you’re just starting out, that you treat all of your clients like gold. Obviously you should do this with every client, but in the beginning, it’s especially important to get a good reputation. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to succeed in this industry so make sure not to burn any bridges.  

Find Your Niche

One of the best tips for freight brokers is to find your niche. Geographical location and experience in certain industries go a long way towards success. This will help you stay focused and provide higher quality service to your customers. When you focus on one specific area, you will find that your business will be more profitable.

Build Relationships

As we stated before, word of mouth is so important for freight brokers. Build solid relationships with everyone that you work with, from the carriers to the customers. Even if you have a hard time with one of them, remain calm and do your best to diffuse the situation. If a certain client is hard to deal with and they provide poor service, you shouldn’t drop them immediately. Try to figure out a way that the relationship can be more beneficial, but if the relationship is hurting your business, then it’s a better decision to let them go.


There is a lot of information that freight brokers need to keep track of. If you don’t keep all of the necessary information well-organized, then your business is going to spiral out of control. The good news here is that our software handles most of this. Instead of the way it was back in the day, using file cabinets and having massive piles of paperwork, our transportation software erases most of the paperwork.

Utilize Technology

A lot has changed in the trucking and freight broker industry due to the huge advancements in technology. Long gone are the days of having no idea where your fleet is or frantically searching through paperwork to find a specific document. We care about the trucking industry, and our goal was to help out in any way that we could to make work easier for truckers and freight brokers. We’ve been working on perfecting our custom transportation software since all the way back in 1982, and what we have today is the best that can be found on the market. If you would like further information, want to try the demo, or are ready to get started, go ahead and contact us today!

What Makes A Good Freight Broker Infographic