Not too long ago in the trucking industry, everything from billing, dispatch, driver logs, payroll, and the like were tracked and recorded with paper and pen. With so many records involved, the amount of paperwork was staggering. This method might have worked, but it created countless headaches for those searching for a specific document as well as had a direct impact on efficiency for trucking companies. Through the advancement of technology and our development of advanced yet user-friendly trucking software in Northwest Arkansas, paperwork clutter and unavoidable human error is becoming a thing of the past.

Since 1982 and officially incorporated in 1987, Strategy Systems has been involved with the development of custom transportation software to ease the burden that so many small to medium sized fleets encounter and let truckers do what they do and hit the road without having to worry about documentation.

We’re committed to improving multiple aspects of the trucking industry and have worked alongside some of the most successful companies in the industry to develop the most efficient transportation software available on the market.

We’d like to welcome you to our blog, where in future posts we’ll be covering an assortment of topics including trends in the trucking industry, helpful tips and advice for trucking company owners, benefits associated with our web-based trucking software, and much more. But here in our first blog, we’d like to provide you with a little more information about Strategy Systems and our trucking and freight broker software solutions. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us now!

Trucking Software

Our Strategy Live Trucking Software is all-encompassing and not only makes things more simple for your drivers but also directly impacts the efficiency of your fleets. While our custom transportation software is highly-sophisticated and advanced, it is developed to be as easy-to-use as possible for the user. Inputting information takes a matter of seconds, and the software immediately organizes the data so that it can be found when needed (without having to sift through piles of paper). Our trucking software aids with nearly every aspect of trucking that requires information to be kept and/or tracked including but not limited to:

  • Billing – Through the billing screen, you’re able to see delivered loads that haven’t been billed yet. After your driver sends you the paperwork, you’ll see a link to load editing which will help you prepare the load for invoicing. Following this, invoices can then be printed and exported to QuickBooks.
  • Trucking Dispatch – The trucking dispatch screen provided with the trucking software provides you with the information you need from your fleet including each truck trailer, driver, load information, and the last known location.
  • Fuel Tax Reports and Management – Simply log your fuel purchase records and once the loads are completed, either manually enter or let the system calculate state miles. After the reporting period, Strategy Live will calculate the fuel tax reports. It will also compute your fuel tax liability.
  • Load Information – Through Strategy Live, you’ll have the information you need about all available loads including the customer name, PO number, pickup and delivery, and even the load information screen pay tab.
  • And More!

Freight Broker Software

The Strategy Live Freight Broker Software is ideal for any freight brokerage company. Through the software, you will have access to billing, payroll, shipment tracking, brokerage confirmations, load entry, and more. Completely internet based and user-friendly, you’ll be able to learn how to use the software and its features almost immediately so you can get started right away!

Features Included With Both Softwares

While both software has features that are specific to your industry, whether trucking or freight brokerage, they both provide the following:

  • EDI Services – All inbound and outbound EDI transaction sets are supported by Strategy Live trucking and freight broker software.
  • Document Imaging – Fully integrated imaging system that provides a simple solution to document management needs.

Strategy Systems

Through our experience and dedication to helping improve the trucking industry, Strategy Systems’ trucking and freight broker software will immediately help your company enhance efficiency and easily record and keep track of your data. To learn more or to add the Strategy Live software to your fleet, contact us now! We look forward to hearing from you.