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Strategy Live Trucking Software 

Strategy Live Trucking software is a fully integrated software package for truckload carriers. We provide a complete system including both operations and accounting.

 Strategy Live has been helping trucking companies become more efficient and more profitable since 1987.  We provide custom programming that lets you personalize a solution that fits your circumstances.  Because we have been serving trucking companies for over 30 years, we are able to help you develop a system that drives your business to the top.

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Trucking Software

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Strategy Live Trucking Software Includes:


The Strategy Live dispatch board shows your fleet with all the information in one place, so you know what is happening at a glance. We interface with the most common mobile communications vendors.


Strategy Live shows you when and where your trucks are going to be empty on one side and close by available loads on the other side.

Fuel Tax

Strategy Live automatically imports your fuel purchases from major fuel vendors. Our fuel tax system makes filing your IFTA report easy.

Trucking Software


Strategy Live lets you create preventive maintenance schedules with dispatch screen alerts. You can enter repair orders and keep a parts inventory


Strategy Live includes a Customer Relationship Manager as well as an Internet portal for shipment tracking.  You can enter customer rates for automated rating. You can also set up automated customer email notifications.


Strategy Live has over 30 operations reports. From lane analysis, to load profit, to equipment lists. We also program custom reports.

Management Dashboard

Customizable dashboard showing precalculated KPI’s. Over 100 to choose from.

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Strategy Live provides an easy to navigate load auditing system. Professional looking invoices can be printed and mailed or emailed directly from Strategy Live.  The document imaging module lets you easily attach all load documents. Strategy Live offers free integration with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

Driver Settlement

Strategy Live easily handles both company drivers and owner/operators. Driver pay can be created automatically on a load-by-load basis. Strategy Live produces detailed driver settlement reports and paychecks. Strategy Live offers free integration with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI is built into Strategy Live! We can configure each customer for load tenders, shipment status and electronic invoices.

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