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Truck Driver Management

Your truck drivers are your company’s most valuable asset. With truck driver management systems, you can gain better visibility over your drivers and direct them more efficiently.

At Strategy Systems, we’ve helped trucking companies remain organized and efficient with our sophisticated custom solutions for over 35 years.

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Our Truck Driver Management Software

When you invest in truck driver management systems from Strategy Systems, you’ll have the ability to manage every driver in your fleet through a single source. Our software offers a complete suite of innovative features, including:

  • Dispatch: This feature simplifies the dispatch reporting and management processes by enabling you to track your vehicles and drivers easily.
  • Fuel tax: Our software automatically records all fuel purchases, including fuel expenses, dispatches and loads. It uses this information to produce detailed International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports for easier filling.
  • Accounting: Our driver management software promotes optimal money management with accounting features that allow users to log, search, organize and analyze expenses.
  • Vehicle maintenance: You can use our maintenance software to set upcoming repair reminders, create routine maintenance schedules and initiate service notifications.
  • Safety: Our trucking software includes safety features that promote driver safety, accountability and compliance.
  • CRM/sales dashboard: We provide customers with customer relationship management (CRM) systems that automatically upload customer ratings to save you billing time. You can also send automated emails notifying customers of any important updates.
  • Reporting: You can use our trucking system management software to create detailed reports customized to your company’s workflows, including lane analyses, equipment lists and load profits.
  • Management software: Our software includes a management dashboard that streamlines key performance indicators (KPIs), such as fleet communication, automated check calls, expense management and record logging.

Advantages of Truck Driver Management

Truck system management through reliable driver management software has numerous benefits:

  • Improves driver safety: You can better ensure safety and compliance when tracking and managing your drivers.
  • Enhances fleet efficiency: Our truck driver management software grants real-time visibility over your drivers and trucks, enabling fast response times and optimal efficiency.
  • Enables digital documentation: Instead of managing physical forms, you can log records digitally, improving driver access and preventing document damage or loss.
  • Generates valuable insights: Driver management systems generate data analyses with valuable insights into driver performance, fuel usage and truck maintenance.

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