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EDI Services

At Strategy Systems, we solve problems for freight brokers and trucking companies by providing innovative software solutions that improve organization and efficiency. Our Strategy Live software offers a cloud-based solution that’s easy to use and delivers excellent value for your money. By helping you keep track of the details, our software enables you to focus on supplying superior service to your customers. 

EDI-Capable Software

Strategy Live is fully EDI capable. A fully integrated EDI system enables you to communicate key business information electronically instead of exchanging paper documents. 

We support many EDI transaction sets, including:

  • Load tenders
  • Tender acceptance and rejection forms
  • Invoices
  • Shipment status updates

What Are the Benefits of EDI for Trucking?

Our EDI trucking software can provide multiple advantages for your business:

  • Higher efficiency: In a traditional shipping process, the shipper sends a load tender by email or fax that requires manual entry into the dispatch system. When EDI software receives a new load, it automatically populates the information, saving valuable time. It can also provide status updates upon request.
  • Quicker results: EDI systems software provides lightning-fast processing speeds when compared to traditional paper document exchange methods. Your company will be more responsive to your customers’ needs, enabling you to deliver faster and more reliable service by using a fully intregrated EDI system.
  • Increased accuracy: Mistakes can be costly for any transportation company. Our software can help you avoid errors that could jeopardize your customer relationships by reducing data entry requirements, automating the data exchange process and streamlining workflows to eliminate repetitive steps.
  • A competitive advantage: These days, many larger organizations may not work with a transportation company that still implements paper document exchange processes. By upgrading to EDI system software, you can modernize your procedures and better meet your customers’ and prospects’ needs. You’ll have a better chance of attracting new business and retaining your existing customer base. 

Why Choose Us as Your EDI Software Partner?

At Strategy Systems, we recognize that no two companies are alike. Our software is completely customizable — we are able to tailor our Strategy Live software solution to meet the unique business requirements of any small or medium-sized fleet or freight brokerage operation. 

We also understand that many users have reservations about transitioning from a paper to an electronic document exchange system. Our product is easy to use, and you’ll be up to speed quickly. 

With our affordable monthly subscription service, you don’t have to sign a contract to use our software. There’s no long-term obligation and you’re free to cancel at any time.

Try Our EDI System Software With No Risk

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