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How Owner-Operators Can Benefit From Trucking Software  

How owner operators can benefit from trucking software - Strategy Systems

As a trucking owner-operator, you can enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with running your own company. You also have a lot on your plate. Besides spending most of your time on the road, you have to juggle and manage all the day-to-day responsibilities of business ownership. These can include finding loads, keeping the books, making employment decisions, — whether you hire other drivers or back-office staff — tracking expenses and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Software for trucking companies can remove much of the administrative burden from your shoulders. You’ll have access to many features that allow you to manage your business more efficiently in one easy-to-use platform.

How Trucking Software Makes Owner-Operators’ Lives Easier

If you’re like many owner-operators, you began your career as a company driver and eventually got the urge to start your own business. While this experience may have made you an expert at driving and transporting loads, you probably didn’t gain the essential management experience you need to succeed in this highly competitive field.

Owner-operator trucking software can help by serving as a reliable “business partner” that provides the information you need to make timely decisions. You’ll spend less time dealing with paperwork and other administrative duties and have more time to devote to profitable activities.

Special features that contribute to running a trucking business - Strategy Systems

Special Features That Contribute to Running a Trucking Business

The best truck software for owner-operators contains numerous features that streamline and simplify various aspects of your operation.


While keeping the books probably isn’t something you look forward to, it’s one area of your business where you can’t afford to make mistakes. Many software products integrate with QuickBooks by Intuit, one of the most popular and reliable accounting solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

Examples of the many valuable QuickBooks features that can benefit your trucking business include the ability to synchronize your address book and share vital customer, vendor and driver information. You can also generate and export invoices, eliminating the need to make manual data entries that often lead to errors. You’ll also find it much easier to record and monitor expenses like tolls, fuel and maintenance.

Driver Management

For many owner-operators, hiring drivers is the easiest way to expand their business. While more operators on the road can generate additional revenues, it also requires efficient management of their activities.

Truck software for owner-operators lets you monitor and manage every driver in your fleet with one convenient, user-friendly platform. Use it to generate detailed reports for driver activity, streamline and simplify dispatching, promote accountability, compliance and safety and much more. You’ll be able to maximize your fleet’s efficiency and reduce operating costs.


When you’re on your own, you don’t have a fleet manager to keep track of maintenance and tell you when it’s time to take a truck in for service. Another valuable feature provided by software for trucking businesses is the ability to generate custom preventive maintenance schedules based on vehicle type, hours and miles on the road, typical driving conditions and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

You’ll receive timely reminders when you’re due for service, reducing the likelihood of mechanical breakdowns and prolonging the equipment’s life span.

How Trucking Business Software Improves Productivity and Saves Money

Examples of the numerous productivity-boosting and cost-saving benefits when using owner-operator trucking software include:

  • Streamlines record keeping: If you still rely on manual record-keeping methods, have you ever tracked how much time you spend on these activities? Transitioning to trucking software can dramatically reduce the number of hours you spend on administration each day.
  • Increases efficiency: By enabling you to optimize your routes and find suitable loads more quickly, the software allows you to maximize your time on the road — and put more money in your pocket. 
  • Reduces costs: Excessive fuel, maintenance and repair expenses can take a huge bite out of your business’s bottom line. This software allows you to manage these costs more effectively, increasing profitability.
  • Facilitates expansion: If you’re like many owner-operators, you dream of growing your business and adding more drivers. Software for trucking businesses increases your driver and fleet management capabilities, alleviating the inevitable “growing pains.”

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